My name is Ross Colebatch, and I am a storyteller.

Initially trained as a filmmaker and writer, I have worked in television, film and design. I have written articles, edited and produced written and visual content for digital and print distribution, produced websites and apps, developed and managed social and digital strategy, functioned in communications capacities, and spent a memorable three months as Execution Producer for Big Brother Australia. It's not what you think.

I deliver for my clients a range of solutions built around storytelling. People love stories. It makes sense to approach how you're trying to communicate from this starting point. What are your stories? What do your clients/audiences/employees want from you? Find the story. Serve the story. You can't lose.

You'll find examples of completed projects and information on work for clients under the Work tab. Blog houses thoughts and musings on storytelling broadly as applied to plenty of different subjects — film, social, music. It might be tenuous at times, but I'll keep it on topic.

You can find my uncurated life on Instagram (warning: pictures on food, animals and sunsets abound) and Twitter (warning: posts about politics, ranting and songs that are stuck in my head abound.) Get in touch via my Contact page.